Opeth have cancelled the next few shows on their tour with Graveyard as lead vocalist Mikael Åkerfeldt has "acute laryngitis." "I had a doctor take a look at me before that show," Åkerfeldt writes, "and even if he gave me the all-clear in terms of being free from flu symptoms and the likes, he couldn’t dismiss potential problems with the vocal cords. Which indeed I had during Saturdays show. So we have a day off to rest during Sunday and arrived in sunny Worcester Monday morning to another doctor’s appointment. This time the doctor advised a 3-4 day rest due to 'acute laryngitis'. We set the stage up and started getting ready for soundcheck anyways. As I was warming up my voice it was abundantly clear that I was not going to be able to perform at the level where I want to be vocally. I sounded like a goddamn troll. And not in a good way. So, I’ll end this rant with a massive apology to the people looking forward to tonight’s event as well as to our Canadian friends." Read his statement in full below.

Opeth are scheduled to hit NYC for shows at Harlem's historic Apollo Theater on February 21 and 22. Those shows are still on, and tickets are currently sold out.

Invisible Oranges caught Opeth and Graveyard in Chicago on Friday (2/14). Check out pictures from the show in the gallery above, and their review HERE.


photos by Sara Schroeder

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