Opeth unfortunately had to cancel a few dates on their tour with fellow Swedes Graveyard, but luckily they made it to their two shows at Harlem's historic Apollo Theater, which happened on Friday (2/21) and Saturday (2/22). Both shows had identical setlists, which included a few songs from last year's In Cauda Venenum and a selection of other cuts from throughout their career. We caught the Friday show and pictures of that one are in the gallery above.

Invisible Oranges also caught the Chicago show, and here's an excerpt of Kevin O’Donnell's review:

It’s a foregone conclusion that Opeth shows have something for everyone. This was no exception. Classics, soon to be classics, growls, clean singing, amazing light show, poop jokes, vintage keyed instruments. This show was an Opeth fan’s wet dream.

The show was not without novelty. The In Cauda Venenum tour marks the first time the band has performed songs written and sung in Swedish. I dare say it marks the first time 95% of people in the venue have heard a song in Swedish, myself included. You can hear these tunes on the new album, but there is something magical about watching Mikael sing them. It brought a softness and sweetness to the vocals that left me gobsmacked.

Read more and see pictures from the Chicago show at IO. Videos and setlist from The Apollo below...

Setlist (via)
Svekets prins
The Leper Affinity
Hjärtat vet vad handen gör
Reverie/Harlequin Forest
Moon Above, Sun Below
To Rid the Disease
The Lotus Eater
Allting tar slut



photos by Mathieu Bredeau

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