Chaka Malik's legendary band Burn have been on and off over the years (and since the mid 2010s, they've been consistently active), and he's also been busy with his Ghost Decibels solo project lately, and now it looks like Orange 9mm -- Chaka's post-Burn band with Chris Traynor (previously of Fountainhead, later of Helmet and Rival Schools, currently of Bush) -- are active again as well. They started teasing something two years ago, which ended up being a reissue of their 1994 self-titled debut EP, which came out last month on Revelation, and now Chaka has confirmed to us that Orange 9mm are planning to release a new song and "maybe" play some shows after this whole lockdown ends. That's all we know for now, but that's enough to make us excited. Stay tuned for updates!

About the reissue, Chaka wrote:

Chris Traynor and I were both just dealing with band breakups and wanted to do something tied to NYHC but that also included some non punk influences. Our favorite communal bands at that time were [A Tribe Called Quest], Screaming Trees, and Smashing Pumpkins. I'd go to Chris's house or vice versa and we'd talk about and listen to music before peeping ideas that Chris or I had for songs. The rhino cover image is another by my dad who's also responsible for the image on the back of the first Burn 7". This EP came together rather quickly in many ways. Lyrics were written the day of recording in most cases. Shout out to Don Fury who did our EP as well as many crucial records by bands like Agnostic Front, Youth of Today, Burn, CIV, Sick Of It All, Madball, Quicksand, etc.

Check out some old photos that Orange 9mm have been posting to Instagram, as well as a full-set live video from 1995 by hate5six, below.

Chaka also just told us about the music he's been listening to in quarantine, including a recently released Bush song that he's "been listening to get a vibe on where Chris is with his songwriting, etc." Check out his list here.

Orange 9mm

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