Burn have been reunited for a bit, and now it looks like Orange 9mm -- the post-hardcore band that Burn frontman Chaka Malik formed after Burn's initial breakup -- are up to something too. They launched an Instagram this week, and their bio says "Stay tuned and much love." So far they have two posts up. The first is an old photo of the band and the text reads:

Here's the insert photo for our first ep on @revelationrecords I remember telling @pizzatyrant that I had a new band after Burn broke up in 1994. He asked us to record anything we could to see if we'd be good for Rev. We did 3 songs all instrumental and joined the label after sending Jordan the instrumentals and getting his blessing. This ep is one of my (Chaka) favorites because it was such a tough time and I needed to get some thoughts/emotions out. Much respect and love to you who reads this. 💎🌹💎 #orange9mm #revelationrecords

The second is the artwork for that first EP on Revelation, and that one reads:

@ct3guitar and I - @ghost_decibels were both just dealing with band breakups and wanted to do something tied to nyhc but that also included some non punk influences. Our favorite communal bands at that time were Tribe, Screaming Trees, and Smashing Pumpkins. I'd go to Chris's house or vice verses and we'd talk about and listen to music before peeping ideas that Chris or I had for songs. The rhino cover #image is another by my dad who's also responsible for the image on the back of the first @burnnyhc seven inch. This ep came together rather quickly in many ways. Lyrics were written the day of recording in most cases. Shout out to Don Fury who did our ep as well as many crucial records by bands like @agnosticfrontnyc @youthcrew88 @burnnyhc @civ_gb @sickofitallnyc @madballnyc @qsnyc etc 🙌🏾🔥💎

As commenters on the posts have pointed out, that EP was also just recently taken off Spotify (their two full lengths are still there). It seems safe to assume that a reissue of that EP is coming, but will they play shows too?? As the band said, "stay tuned."

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