THE ORB @ 9:30 IN DC | MARCH 31, 2006 (cred)
The Orb

NOTE: Tonight's Orb show @ Avalon is cancelled (not an April Fool's joke). It's pretty unfortunate - it's not everyday that the Orb comes to town. If you know anything about a new venue, leave it in the comments. So far all future concerts at Avalon are still on, and the club's website claims they'll be back in business by next weekend. If it's house music you want, The Velvet List suggests Pacha instead.

"Guess last night wasn't the best night in Gotham's Clubland, eh? As the culmination of a nine-month NYPD narcotics investigation it seems the city closed seven Manhattan nightclubs, completely shutting down five of them." [Gothamist]

(actually it was 6 nightclubs and a gym that has DJs I think)


this article should have said: Seven "ALMOST ENTIRELY GAY" nightclubs were raided by the homophobic police to make sure those filthy gays remember they are second class citizens.

This is really sad and messed up!

Ironic that most of these clubs cater to a gay clientele

1) club speed - "Area 10018" fridays happens to be the gay night
2) splash - popular gay bar & dance club
3) view bar - tiny little gay bar on 8th ave, you can see right into the whole bar from the street...
4) club deep - "Krash" fridays are gay night
5) steel gym - very gay gym in chelsea, has popular gay house dj's spinning

6 & 7) Avalon, Spirit
these two clubs are not particularly gay except they both share gay powerhouse promoter John Blair as a managing partner...

Avalon - has no current gay night. Only connection is that John Blair used to be the managing partner before leaving for Spirit. Supposed drug sales in the building. Ha. There would have to be some one in the building in order for anyone to sell anything.

Spirit: Not gay on fridays, but John Blair is one of the managing partners, who also does a gay sunday night party there.

Spirit is the only club I am not surprised to hear it was shut down, as it's run pretty sloppy and they seem to always have problems with underage drinking, fights, etc.

**above text is a quote from the CLUBPLANET MESSAGE BOARD**


Spirit also says they'll be back open by April 6th. The Superbowl of Hardcore should not be affected.

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