It's been five years since Paul and Phil Hartnol released an Orbital album (2012's Wonky) and three years since they said they were calling quits, but the brothers have patched things up and are back with a new single and shows planned. From The Guardian:

“Orbital is too big a thing for us to leave behind,” adds Paul. “I always wanted us to be the Status Quo of techno – I’m Francis Rossi, by the way – because I always admired their staying power and their total, tough, motorik thing. If those two guys made their peace, so can we.

“We’ve a tempestuous relationship, not because we don’t love the music, but because we do. Sometimes it’s been impossible to carry on. But we’ve sorted it out now. And this time, we’re going to keep it.”

The new track is called "Kinetic" and is a welcome slice of the Hartnols' bleepy techno banger style, served here with a dollop of pan flute. You can stream that below.

So far, all of Orbital's live dates are festivals overseas. They'll play Dublin's Forbidden Fruit in June, and then the Bluedot and Standon Calling Festivals in the UK in July. Dates are listed below, and stay tuned for more.

Orbital - 2017 Tour Dates
Jun 03 Forbidden Fruit Festival Dublin, Ireland
Jul 08 Bluedot Festival Cheshire East, United Kingdom
Jul 28 Standon Calling Festival Standon, United Kingdom

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