Electronica greats Orbital are belatedly celebrating their 30th anniversary with a new compilation, 30-Something, which is out July 29 via London. The four LP / 2 CD set features reworks, remakes, remixes and re-imaginings of classic Orbital tracks by such artists as Jon Hopkins, Lone, David Holmes, John Tejada, Logic, and more. Check out the full tracklist below.

Orbital have shared two remixes of their classic 1992 single "Halcyon" by Jon Hopkins and Logic1000. Say Orbital's Paul and Phil Hartnoll: "Jon has gone the full Hopkins and made his own sublime version. Logic1000 has stripped it back and taken it off to the dance floor." You can listen to both, and watch the video for the original below."

Says Jon Hopkins of his remix: "When I was a teenager my brother Sam introduced me to Orbital’s 'Halcyon' and 'On and On.' I used to listen to it on repeat in my room before I had the ability or gear to make any of my own stuff. I was obsessed with those opening chords and that beautiful reversed vocal. 25 years later the band asked me to remix it for their upcoming anniversary release, Orbital 30. I was so honoured. It was a fucking dream to have all the original stems to play with after all that time.. I worked on it in early 2019 I think, then first played a live version at Glastonbury 2019 when closing West Holts on the Friday night. Since then you might have heard it in various incarnations in DJ sets. I’m so happy for you to all hear the full version today."

Orbital will be touring this year, including a set at Miami's III Points festival in October. All dates are listed below.

-orbital - 30 something vinyl

Orbital - Thirty-Something vinyl tracklist:
A1. Smiley
A2. Satan (30 Something Years Later Mix)

B1. Where Is It Going (feat. Stephen Hawking)
B2. Impact (30 Years Later And The Earth Is Still Burning Mix)

C1. Chime (30 Something Years Later Mix)
C2. Halcyon (30 Something Years Later Mix)

D1. The Box (30 Something Years Later Mix)
D2. Belfast (30 Something Years Later Mix)

E1. The Girl with the Sun in Her Head (Floex Remix)
E2. Belfast (David Holmes Remix)

F1. Halcyon & On (Jon Hopkins Remix)
F2. Chime (Eli Brown Remix)

G1. Impact (John Tejada Remix)
G2. Are We Here? (Dusky Remix)

H1. Belfast (ANNA Techno Remix)
H2. The Box (Joris Voorn Remix)
H3. Are We Here? (Shanti Celeste Remix)

Orbital - 2022 Tour Dates
16 Jul 22 Doune the Rabbit Hole Festival Stirling - Scotland
23 Jul 22 Kaleidoscope Festival London - England
13 Aug 22 Dreambeach Cádiz -Spain
19 Aug 22 Stowaway Festival Buckingham - England
27 Aug 22 Moovin Festival Stockport - England
28 Aug 22 Solfest Wigton - England
22 Oct 22 III Points Festival Miami - USA

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