DC area emo band Origami Angel left a big impression with their 2019 debut LP Somewhere City and it looks like they're going even bigger for that album's followup. It's called Gami Gang, and it's a double album due out April 30 via Counter Intuitive (pre-order). The first single is coming tonight at midnight (3/26), but while you wait, Origami Angel did debut one of its songs, "Greenbelt Station," during their Minecraft set last year (which later got released as an EP). Listen to the Minecraft EP below.

Update (3/26): Origami Angel have officially released two songs off the album, "Neutrogena Spektor" and "Greenbelt Station." As heard on the Minecraft EP, "Greenbelt Station" is a soft acoustic song, but "Neutrogena Spektor" is much different. It's harder, darker, and even tighter than Somewhere City, and it incorporates everything from Motion City Soundtrack-ish power pop to harshly screamed, sludgy post-hardcore. Both songs are very promising, and they suggest that Gami Gang will be full of musical variety and ambition. Listen below.