The original cast of Mystery Science Theater 3000 will reunite on stage in Minneapolis on June 28. That includes both Joel Hodgson and Mike Nelson, plus Trace Beaulieu, Frank Conniff, Kevin Murphy, Mary Jo Pehl, Bridget Nelson-Hodgson, plus Sci-Fi era MST3K castmember Bill Corbett, and new MST3K host Jonah Ray. The occasion, rather strangely, is the 10th anniversary of Rifftrax, which is the downloadable MST3K-type show started by Nelson, Murphy and Corbett. Titled "RiffTrax Live: MST3K Reunion Show," the event (which, like the new MST3K, had a successful Kickstarter) will be simulcast to theaters around the country. Details:

The MST3K Reunion Show will be a night to remember: A cavalcade of goofy educational short films like the ones often riffed on the show, and that we continue to riff over at RiffTrax. Our old colleagues from MST3K will each join us on stage to joke around and riff a short or two. We may not have the puppets or costumes, but we will have a blast.

There'll be a ton of funny stuff which we're still figuring out, but we know for sure you'll get a night of amazing and hilarious shorts riffed of course by our own - Mike, Kevin and Bill. Bridget and Mary Jo, who have been a big hit on RiffTrax, will team up; Frank and Trace will dazzle you with their awesome comedic talents, and Jonah Ray and Joel Hodgson round out the cast as they riff a short together.

Then, prepare yourselves for the grand finale: a SUPER RIFF-A-PALOOZA with all the guests at once!

I wrote "rather strangely" above because Nelson/Murphy/Corbett had Rifftrax, while Hodgson, Conniff, Beaulieu and Pehl had their own for a while called Cinematic Titanic. Much of the original MST3K cast have said, rather curtly, that they would not be involved with the new version of the show:

“I’m not involved at all with the Mystery Science Theater 3000 reboot,” Nelsonnoted on Facebook, and then followed up: “I loved my time at MST, but I was in essence a hired gun. The brand does not belong to me, and I make and have made (almost) zero dollars off it since it stopped production in 1999.” Bill Corbett concurred: “No, I am not involved in this.” J. Elvis Weinstein“won’t be participating.” Trace Beaulieu: “Not involved at all,” and the kind of Dr. Forrester cameo Hodgson alludes to “won’t be happening.” Mary Jo Pehl is not involved. Frank Conniff hasn’t yet commented publicly; neither has Kevin Murphy.- [Flavorwire]

Whatever the reasons for this, it's nice to see fences being mended, if just for one night. Tickets for "RiffTrax Live: MST3K Reunion Show" go on sale April 15.

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