OSEES have shared their full "Levitation Sessions II" livestream show, which originally aired back April, to their YouTube Channel. The 19 song set features a few live debuts ("Grown in a Graveyard," "Stinking Cloud," "Spider Cider"), some songs that hadn't been played in a long time ("Enemy Destruct," "It Killed Mom," "Meat Step Lively") and a show-ending string of Chrome covers. "I personally got stoned and stuck my face into the muck of our past catalog to bob for some dusty tumescent gems," said frontman John Dwyer. "I’m quite happy with how this one turned out." Watch the whole thing, and check out the setlist, below.

You can also get Levitation Sessions II as a double album (vinyl is out in October) and you can listen to that below.

OSEES will be on tour this fall.


Tidal Wave
Grown in a Graveyard (Live Debut)
The Dream
Stinking Cloud (Live Debut)
Enemy Destruct (first time 2013)
Poisoned Stones
Spider Cider (Live Debut)
It Killed Mom (First time since 2009)
Meat Step Lively (First time since 2013)
Destroyed Fortress Reappears (First time since 2015)
Encrypted Bounce
Beat Quest
Chromosome Damage (Chrome cover)
T.V. As Eyes (Chrome cover)
ST37 (Chrome cover)
Looking for Your Door (Chrome cover)
SS Cygni (Chrome cover)


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