Oslo instrumental rockers Orions Belte got booked to play Norway's awesome Oya Fest this August off the strength of a demo, and now they are set to release their debut album Mint on September 14 via Jansen Records (pre-order). We're premiering "Atlantic Surfing" from that album, which is a psychedelic, krautrock-ish jam that lasts seven and a half minutes but it gets you so zoned out that it feels like it flies by in half that time. The band tells us that the song "emerged out of this widescreen/autobahn type idea that was lying around. With some new riffs, a couple of pedal steel noise tracks and the wonderful flutes coming out of mixing engineer Matias Tellez's mellotron, it became more and more clear that this was the sound of the north atlantic oceans. We have some friends who actually surf in these ice cold, arctic waters so it was a fitting theme for this piece." Listen below.