Between our daily coverage, our Notable Releases and Indie Basement columns, and our monthly punk and rap roundups, we post tons of new music all the time here on BrooklynVegan. In an effort to keep track of all the new music we’re excited about, we’ve been posting a new playlist each week with many of the songs we love that were (mostly) released that week.

This week’s playlist includes new music by Fireworks, redveil, Ice Spice, Jeff Markey (ft. billy woods), Peter Gabriel, En Attendant Ana, Molly, Debby Friday, End It, FAIM, Lisel, Ñengo Flow x Bad Bunny, Queen Naija, and MIKE.

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Fireworks – Jerking Off the Sky
redveil – 2daside
Ice Spice – In Ha Mood
Jeff Markey – Floaters (ft. billy woods)
Peter Gabriel – Panopticom
En Attendant Ana – Principia
Molly – Ballerina
Debby Friday – SO HARD TO TELL
End It – Familia Finito
FAIM – Opus
Lisel – One At a Time
Ñengo Flow x Bad Bunny – Gato de Noche
Queen Naija – Let’s Talk About It
MIKE – As 4 Me