Between our daily coverage, our Notable Releases and Indie Basement columns, and our monthly punk and rap roundups, we post tons of new music all the time here on BrooklynVegan. In an effort to keep track of all the new music we’re excited about, we’ve been posting a new playlist each week with many of the songs we love that were (mostly) released that week.

This week's playlist includes new music by Lana Del Rey, Caroline Polachek, Feist, Bully & Soccer Mommy, MSPAINT, Janelle Monáe (ft. Seun Kuti & Egypt 80), Desire Marea, Dry Cleaning, Nappy Nina (ft. Moor Mother), Screaming Females, Caroline Rose, Flo Milli, Naima Bock, The New Pornographers, Kae Tempest, Alison Goldfrapp & Paul Woolford, The Blessed Madonna (ft. Jamie Principle), Orbital (ft. The Little Pest), HARD FEELINGS (ft. Rye Rye), NOIA & Ela Minus, Index for Working Musik, Cory Hanson, Ulrika Spacek, THUS LOVE, Steve Mason, Anna B Savage, Nicole Yun, Mega Bog, Nightbus, Lowly, Speakers Corner Quartet (ft. Sampha), JFDR, Frozen Soul (ft. John Gallagher), Heriot, and The Acacia Strain.

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Lana Del Rey - A&W
Caroline Polachek - Butterfly Net
Feist - In Lightning
Bully - Lose You (ft. Soccer Mommy)
MSPAINT - Titan of Hope
Janelle Monáe - Float (ft. Seun Kuti & Egypt 80)
Desire Marea - Be Free
Dry Cleaning - Swampy
Nappy Nina - Stone Soup (ft. Moor Mother)
Screaming Females - Mourning Dove
Caroline Rose - The Doldrums
Flo Milli - Nasty Dancer
Naima Bock - Lines
The New Pornographers - Angelcover
Kae Tempest - Nice Idea
Alison Goldfrapp & Paul Woolford - Fever
The Blessed Madonna - We Still Believe (ft. Jamie Principle)
Orbital - You Are the Frequency (ft. The Little Pest)
HARD FEELINGS - Dangerous (ft Rye Rye) (Remix)
NOIA & Ela Minus - Didn't Know
Index for Working Musik - Railroad Bulls
Cory Hanson - Housefly
Ulrika Spacek - If The Wheels Are Coming Off, The Wheels Are Coming Off
THUS LOVE - Centerfield
Steve Mason - Brixton Fish Fry
Anna B Savage - Pavlov's Dog
Nicole Yun - Lost Keys
Mega Bog - The Clown
Nightbus - Way Past Three
Lowly - Happen
Speakers Corner Quartet - Can We Do This? (ft. Sampha)
JFDR - Spectator
Frozen Soul - Morbid Effigy (ft. John Gallagher of Dying Fetus)
Heriot - Demure
The Acacia Strain - Fresh Bones

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