Between our daily coverage, our Notable Releases and Indie Basement columns, and our monthly punk and rap roundups, we post tons of new music all the time here on BrooklynVegan. In an effort to keep track of all the new music we’re excited about, we’ve been posting a new playlist each week with many of the songs we love that were (mostly) released that week.

This week's playlist includes new music by Blanck Mass, Gatecreeper, Fruit Bats, Citizen, Jimbo Mathus & Andrew Bird, Mogwai, Sleaford Mods, Shame, Field Music, Julien Baker, CARM ft Sufjan Stevens, Glitterer, La Femme, Mouse on Mars, Dan Wriggins, Flo Milli, DaBaby, Tribulation, Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou, Buck Meek, Nyck Caution, Descendents, Monolord, Smoke DZA, AFI, Eyehategod, and more.

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Julien Baker - Hardline
Sleaford Mods - Top Room
Shame - Human, for a Minute
CARM - Song of Trouble ft. Sufjan Stevens
Hazing Over - Jock
Blanck Mass - Starstuff
Gatecreeper - Starved
Fruit Bats - Holy Rose
Ship Thieves - Nothing Now
SOM - Awake // Sedate
Citizen - I Want To Kill You
Thirdface - Villains!
Dreamwell - Sayaka
Terminal Bliss - Anthropodmorbid
Shortly - I Want My Book Back
Jane Weaver - Heartlow
GHLOW - Hold On
Major Murphy - Access
Nightshift - Power Cut
Mush - Seven Trumpets
Jimbo Mathus & Andrew Bird - Sweet Oblivion
Mogwai - Ritchie Sacramento
Painted Shrines (Woods, Skygreen Leopards) - Gone
AZITA - Online Life
Beautify Junkyards - Dupla Exposicao
Miss Grit - Impostor
Field Music - Orion from the Street
Glitterer - Didn't Want It
La Femme - Foutre Le Bordel
Moodoïd & Stephanie Lange (of Saâda Bonaire) - Puissance Femme
Hiss Golden Messenger - Sanctuary
Mouse on Mars - Artificial Authentic
Dan Wriggins - The Diner
Indigo Sparke - Everything Everything
Bill Callahan & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Lost in Love (Air Supply Cover)
Rat Tally - Shrug
Flo Milli - Roaring 20s
DaBaby - Masterpiece
Ghetts - Skengman (ft. Stormzy)
Iba Mahr - Street & Lane
Runkus - Everybody Going Live (ft. Naomi Cowan)
Caithlin de Marrais - Once in A Lifetime (Love) (ft. Mark Duplass)
Tribulation - Funeral Pyre
Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou - Orphan Limbs
Buck Meek - Two Saviors
Nyck Caution - Bad Day (ft. Denzel Curry)
Raccoon City - Carnation
Midnight Sister - Escalators
Descendents - That's The Breaks
Monolord - I'm Staying Home
Smoke DZA - Lavish (ft. Conway the Machine, prod. 38 Spesh)
Kitty Kat Fan Club - Choked by the Weeds
Five Iron Frenzy - Lonesome for Her Heroes
AFI - Twisted Tongues
Eyehategod - Fake What’s Yours

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