Pennsylvania death metallers Outer Heaven have announced their sophomore album, Infinite Psychic Depths, which comes five years after their great debut LP Realms of Eternal Decay. It's called Infinite Psychic Depths and it comes out July 21 via Relapse (pre-order). It was recorded by Ryan Reed, mixed and mastered by Greg Wilkinson, and features guest vocals from Pig Destroyer’s JR Hayes, Morbid Angel’s Steve Tucker, and Undeath's Alex Jones, guest bass playing by Tomb Mold/Dream Unending's Derrick Vella, and a guest trade-off guitar solo on lead single "Rotting Stone/D.M.T." by Dave Suzuki (Churchburn, ex-Vital Remains). Vocalist Austin Haines says:

We could not be more psyched to share this culmination of many years of hard work with the world! To have this chance to build and expand upon our previous works has been extremely thrilling and rewarding. We are always striving to evolve our sound and introduce some new elements into the mix, and we feel we definitely achieved that with this album. We hope that this album drags the listener deep within themselves, to discover true madness within the Infinite Psychic Depths!

The aforementioned soloing on the lead single is pretty wild, and the song itself is six and a half minutes of brutally mind-bending death metal. Check out the song and its video (directed by Hayden Hall / Sick Slice Studios) below.

1.Soul Remnants
2.Pillars Of Dust
3.Fragmented Suspension
4.Drained Of Life
5.Liquified Mind
6.Unspeakable Aura
7.Rotting Stone / D.M.T.
9.Pallasite Chambers
10.Warped Transcendence
11.From Nothingness To Eternity

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