Cara Beth Satalino's Outer Spaces project recently released the new song "Teapot #1" from their upcoming single for Saddle Creek's Document Series, and now they're gearing up to release a new full-length album too. It's called Gazing Globe and it's due out June 28 via Western Vinyl (pre-order). It's the followup to their debut album Shedding Snake, which came out in 2016 via Don Giovanni.

The album came after Cara Beth Satalino took a break from a long-term relationship, and she says, "I think I was trying to get back to myself and my identity, separate from my relationship. For this record I was trying to articulate a feeling of disassociation, or something sort of intangible, surreal, and ethereal. I wanted it to be less literal and more of an illustration of a feeling." The first taste is "I See Her Face," which is a serene dose of indie pop with a folky quality to Cara Beth Satalino's singing and songwriting, and it builds to a more intense climax near the end. Listen below.

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