Houston emotive hardcore up and comers Overo will follow their very good 2019 self-titled debut album with a split 7" with Tokyo's Asthenia on September 21 via Middle-Man Records (USA), Pundonor Records (ESP), Count Your Lucky Stars (USA). Limited to 350 copies on black vinyl and 150 on blood red vinyl, the 7" features two songs from each band, and it was originally supposed to come out on their November Japan tour until the pandemic hit, but thankfully it's still getting a worldwide release.

We're premiering one of Overo's contributions, "Haunted by Heat," along with its Amador Lerma-produced video, which splices together black-and-white and red-light-drenched clips of the band performing in an empty room with nature shots. The song finds Overo offering up a blend of mathy Midwest noodling and climactic post-rock, with co-vocalists Brendan Stephens and Lindsay Minton trading off impassioned shouts. It starts out on the heavier side, but it evolves into something much more ethereal, with Overo getting especially post-rocky as Lindsay switches to airy clean singing. It shows off a more expansive side of Overo than the previously released 46-second single "Near the End" (hear that below too), and it's genuinely great stuff that feels like a fresh, new addition to the undying emo underground.

"This is a song about a series of fires that happened in the small college town that I used to live in that claimed multiple lives," Brendan tells us. "They weren't arsons, just old buildings with old electrical work, gas systems, and faulty space heaters. Before that winter, my relationship with the idea of fire was based on sound advice--stay low to avoid smoke, tap door knobs to feel if there is a fire on the other side--but I didn't really have any real fear that my home could be utterly destroyed out of nowhere, and I definitely never thought about how I might not be able to get out. Watching a fire where I learned that a couple, younger than I was at the time, hadn't been able to escape instilled in me a pretty deep fear of fire and made me contemplate my own beliefs that I could escape catastrophe."

Listen and watch the videos for both new Overo songs below...

Overo Asthenia

Side A
1. Haunted by Heat - Overo
2. Near the End - Overo

Side B
3. 人間たち (Humans) - Asthenia
4. 幽霊たち (Ghosts) - Asthenia


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