In 2017, San Francisco noise rock greats Oxbow returend with their first album in a decade, Thin Black Duke (on Hydra Head Records), and now Eugene S. Robinson & co have announced that they've signed to Mike Patton's label Ipecac Recordings and will release their next album, Love’s Holiday, on that label in 2022. The band posted the above pic and wrote:

Oh look. It’s Ben and Eugene and Kasia and Mike Patton. In literary terms we might call this “foreshadowing” since Patton’s label Ipecac just signed on to release Oxbow’s next record, Love’s Holiday, to be released in 2022. This should make you as happy as it makes us.

Stay tuned for more.

Meanwhile, speaking of Mike Patton, we recently did a deep dive into his career on Invisible Oranges and IO also reviewed the new Tomahawk album today. You can also pick up lots of Mike Patton vinyl (including all of Mr. Bungle's albums, Faith No More, Dead Cross, and more) in our store.

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