The great experimental/noise rock band Oxbow returned in 2017 with their first new album in a decade, Thin Black Duke, and now the always awesomely weird frontman Eugene S. Robinson has a new endeavor: a podcast. It's being launched by OZY Media (for which Eugene is Editor-at-Large) and it's called OZY CONFIDENTIAL. The first two episodes come out this Monday (1/14), but first here's the trailer video which promises: "DRUGS, SEX, MAFIA, CRACK WHORES, DEATH, TRUTH, NAZIS, SHEEP, MOTHERS, PIMPS, PLEASURE, COMBAT, EDGE, BEAUTY QUEENS, LIFE, DESIRE, UNDERWORLD, EUGENE S. ROBINSON."

That should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect, and for even more of an idea, we asked Eugene to tell us a bit about the project in his own words: "If ever there was an endeavor that needed a soundly delivered punch in the mouth it's podcasts in general. Actually podcasts specifically. And if there was ever anyone best suited for delivering that punch? Yeah: me."

OZY Media also promise "a soundtrack to die for." Here's the synopsis (via press release) for the first two episodes:

Episode one, “I’ll Go First,” is a no-punches-pulled tell-all about his journey from purist to steroid abuser, from Eugene S. Robinson himself. Setting the tone for the honest and illuminating nature of these stories, Robinson is as honest as he is humble and warm in explaining the rationales and consequences of becoming addicted and kicking the body-building drugs. Episode two, “Gun In Mouth Blues” brings in the first guest on the series, former Marine Corps medic turned suicidal PTSD-addled vet, Max More. He finds redemption in a bar of soap.

Watch the trailer video below...