Ozzy Osbourne has a message for people playing down the threat of COVID-19. Appearing on a recent episode of SiriusXM's Ozzy's Boneyard, Ozzy didn't mince words when it comes to "stupid COVID fucking parties." "Oh, I'm looking forward to getting back on the fucking stage," he said, continuing, "...get this coronavirus under control. We can do some fucking gigs, please. If you're listening to this show, please, don't be dumb school and go to one of them stupid COVID fucking parties. That's for fucking fools because it is real, it isn’t a conspiracy and it will kill your ass."

Van Morrison, Ian Brown, and Noel Gallagher, are you guys listening?

Ozzy recently marked the 40th anniversary of his solo career, and the 50th anniversary of Black Sabbath's self-titled debut and sophomore album Paranoid, and on the episode of Ozzy's Boneyard, he also discusses the history of Sabbath, restaurants in LA, what he spent his first royalties on, and more. Watch a second clip below, and find the full episode on SiriusXM.

Meanwhile, Ozzy also recently penned a tribute to the late Eddie Van Halen, who sadly passed away on Tuesday. In his piece, which you can read in full on Rolling Stone, he wrote:

That thing with finger-tapping in the Eighties, with the hair bands, everybody was doing that finger tapping. Once you’ve seen the master do it, everyone else comes second. Anybody after Eddie Van Halen was in second, as far as I’m concerned. There were some other good players, and there are some very clever ones, but it’s not just playing an instrument. You’ve got to put the emotion behind you, and Eddie had all that. He made it look so easy.

[...] But I could sit and watch Eddie Van Halen play guitar all day. He’s so entertaining as a guitar player. He made it look like it was not difficult. He made it look like it was a natural thing. Everybody else was trying to be Eddie Van Halen, but there is only one Eddie Van Halen. I thought he was brilliant. God only knows, what you have to do to get that good.

Speaking of Sabbath and Ozzy's anniversaries, a few new merch items have surfaced surrounding that, including Dr. Martens boots and a new Funko Pop of Ozzy.

Finally, there's less than one day left to enter to win a copy of Ozzy's massive 16-album limited edition box set See You On The Other Side.

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