Brooklyn band P.E., which features members of Pill and Eaters, have announced their second album, The Leather Lemon, which will be out March 25 via Wharf Cat. Picking up from where they left off with last year's The Reason For My Love EP, this new one finds the group further exploring dance music by way of post-punk and no wave.

You can get a taste of The Leather Lemon now via the album's opening cut, "Blue Nude (Reclined)," which rides on an electro beat and a hazy cloud of saxophones. "This was one of the first songs we wrote for the new record, shortly after settling ourselves mentally & physically around the country," says singer Veronica Torres. “With all of our tour plans scrapped in the initial wave of the pandemic, the five of us decided to put our energies into writing new material for the next record, trading files back and forth in order to shape our new sound. 'Blue Nude' quickly became an inspiration for the rest of The Leather Lemon - something that foregrounded both the song and the sound, as fun as it was abstract."

You can watch the video for "Blue Nude (Reclined)" below.

attachment-P.E. - The Leather Lemon - Cover Image

1. Blue Nude (Reclined)
2. Contradiction of Wants
3. Lying With The Wolf
4. The Leather Lemon
5. Tears In Rain
6. The Reasons For My Love
7. Magic Hands
8. New Kind of Zen
9. 86ed
10. Majesty

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