Before Katie & Allison Crutchfield got more fame in Waxhatchee (Katie's project, but also featuring Allison) and Swearin' (a band co-fronted by Allison), not to mention Allison's newly-Merge-signed solo project, they played together in the indie pop-punk band P.S. Eliot, who broke up in 2011. In the time since their breakup, P.S. Eliot's music gained a cult following, and earlier this month, Don Giovanni Records compiled the band's discography for the archival release 2007-2011. "P.S. Eliot discography will be this generation's Cap'n Jazz discography," the label tweeted. Honestly, that doesn't seem far off at all.

The band is currently on a short reunion tour in support of the new compilation, and it hit Brooklyn's Market Hotel last nighit (9/15). P.S. Eliot said it was special for them to be playing the Market Hotel space again, since they had crashed for about a week at the venue's previous incarnation. They also highlighted that, in addition to the new compilation, they were selling a zine/book retrospective of the band with an oral history put together by Liz Pelly.

All the shows on this tour have had well-curated openers, and this one was no different. Montreal post-punks Ought provided direct support and mentioned on stage how cool it was to be playing this bill. Before them it was Aye Nako, who also opened P.S. Eliot's final show (which they mentioned on stage), and in general the members go way back with the Crutchfields. Drummer Angie Boylan also used to be in Little Lungs, who played with PS Eliot more than once, including back in the day (on a show with a pre-fame Hop Along), and at the Salinas Records 10th anniversary show in 2013, which was a one-off reunion show for both bands. First up at the Market Hotel show was Adult Mom, a younger band who is definitely influenced by the Crutchfields' music. Pictures of the Market Hotel show are in the gallery above.

P.S. Eliot's reunion tour concludes with the Don Giovanni-presented New Alternative Music Festival in Asbury Park tonight (9/16) and two Philly shows next week.


photos by Amanda Hatfield