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Pg. 99 (also spelled pageninetynine) was a punk band from Sterling, Virginia on the outskirts of Washington, D.C. The band formed as a 6-piece in winter 1998 and later expanded to an 8-piece. With continual line-up changes, they once played as a 14 member outfit. Pg. 99 were known for their intense live shows.[1]
After several US tours, a European tour, and numerous releases, they disbanded in May 2003. [Wiki]

pageninetynine will resurrect from the dead and reunite to play Best Friends Day 2011, August 18-21 in Richmond, VA. The band will be comprised of the Document #8 lineup who will perform all of that LP. Members of pg.99 went on to join/form bands like City of Caterpillar, Enemy Soil (which also featured JR of Pig Destroyer), and many others.

Last year's Best Friends Day saw the resurrection of Black Army Jacket.

Watch all of pageninetynine's last show below.

pageninetynine - "Final Show"

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