Philly melodic hardcore greats Paint it Black last released new music in 2013 when they put out a 7", Invisible. Excitingly, it looks like that's about to change soon. The band replied to a fan on Twitter who, bemoaning their lack of new material, wrote, "It's crazy that every release they dropped but better and better. Invisible is so freaking good. I wish they would have kept going. Those 7 inches are top tier hardcore music."

"We kept going," Paint in Black replied. "We’re literally demoing new songs this week."

Lambgoat points out that in a 2019 AMA with Ceremony, bassist Andy Nelson (who plays in both bands) said that Paint it Black had a new EP on the way, "coming maybe end of this year or start of next." "It's a ripper," he continued.

Stay tuned for more on that, and in the meantime, stream Invisible below.

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