El Kempner has announced a new album as Palehound, Eye On The Bat, due out July 14 via Polyvinyl. They produced it with Sam Owens, and you can see the cover art and tracklist below. "It’s about me, but it’s also about me in relation to others," they say. “After hiding for so long – staying inside and hiding your life and hiding yourself from the world – I was ready. I think I flipped."

The first single is "The Clutch," a raw indie rock track. El says it's "the very first song I wrote for this album, back in 2020 right when lockdown started. I had been on a tour that was sliced in half by the onset of the pandemic and we had to apocalypse road trip back to New York across the country from Oregon, where our next show had been scheduled for. While that was happening, I was also having a triggering romantic experience with somebody I didn't know too well, and by the time I got home my whole body seemed to be spinning in turmoil. Writing and producing this song grounded me and helped me process a new future and self that I hadn't anticipated."

Brittany Reeber, who co-directed the accompanying video with Adam Kolodny, says, "Adam, El and I wanted to create something that captured the charged, raw drive of the song. Inspired by slick, visceral performance videos of the early 00's, we got ourselves the biggest space we could find and Adam created a visual aesthetic with the circular track, rotating head and alternating key lights that ultimately build (along with the band's electric performance) to an epic and dizzying climax." Watch the video below.

Palehound - Eye on the Bat

1. Good Sex
2. Independence Day
3. The Clutch
4. Eye On The Bat
5. U Want It U Got It
6. Route 22
7. My Evil
8. Head Like Soup
9. Right About You
10. Fadin

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