Panda Bear has announced a new album, Buoys, due out February 8 via Domino (pre-order). For this one, he teamed back up with producer Rusty Santos, who also co-produced his 2004 album Young Prayer, mixed Animal Collective's 2004 album Sung Tongs, and more. The first single is "Dolphin," which comes with an aquatic video and also works water droplet sounds into Panda Bear's usual electronic psych-pop. (Panda Bear didn't contribute to AnCo's recent Tangerine Reef, but I guess he's into the whole underwater vibe too.) Listen to the new song below.

01 Dolphin
02 Cranked
03 Token
04 I Know I Don't Know
05 Master
06 Buoys
07 Inner Monologue
08 Crescendo
09 Home Free

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