Panda Bear and former Spacemen 3 member Sonic Boom have worked together multiple times, including when Sonic Boom mixed 2011's Tomboy and co-produced 2015's Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper, and as Stereogum points out, Sonic Boom mentioned in a recent interview with Time Out Portugal that he and Panda Bear recorded an entirely collaborative album, titled Reset, but that it had to be postponed due to sample clearances (including samples of The Everly Brothers and The Drifters). Here's more:

The record was born from a conversation with Noah [Lennox, aka Panda Bear] and from an idea of ​​mine that was to take the beginnings of some amazing songs, the ones where you hear the first chords and you know they're going to be fantastic, and loop for upon which we built the songs. I sent him these loops and he started writing amazing stuff. Lyrically, it's his best work. And even the singing and writing of the songs is very special, very refined and different. Perhaps they are the most traditional things he has ever done.


Perhaps. Of course it's Panda Bear, so it's never going to be completely traditional [laughs]. But we sang the two together. I've always loved doo-wop and that kind of music where the most important thing is the voices and a little percussion, some clapping or something. We wanted to make a record like this, with super good vibes, reminiscent of Jamaican ska and rocksteady music, around 65, 66, 67, which was born in a messed up social and political context, but had great vibes. Of course, despite all these references, it's still my and Panda Bear's record, and it sounds like us. It's really good. I've shown it to 40 or 50 people and the reactions have always been amazing. Which was what we wanted.

There's no still no release date, but Sonic Boom did just put out a minute-long clip of one of the songs on Instagram, which he hashtagged #pbsb, #reset, #owl, #theresnodoubtinmymind, and #itsmybody. (Song titles?) Check it out below.

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