The story of this weekend's Panorama festival on Randall's Island is already all about the weather, but at least it's not rain.... on Saturday and Sunday. Today (Friday, 7/22) actually does have storms in the forecast, in addition to the heat and humidity.

According to we're looking at a high of 96 degrees today, 97 Saturday, and nice and cool 92 for Sunday. Today may also bring "scattered showers and thunderstorms developing during the afternoon" and "scattered thunderstorms during the evening". Bonus: "a few storms may be severe early".

There will be free water stations, air conditioned and shade tents at the fest, which warns: "Know the signs of heat exposure. If you don’t feel well, seek medical attention immediately at one of our 2 medical tents." And: "come prepared with refillable water bottles, sunscreen & hat."

Wetness aside (stay hydrated!), Panorama is sure to be a great three days of music, and you can still grab a ticket.

Which day are you going? Goldenvoice president Paul Tollett told the NY Times that most people bought individual day tickets, and that he's not sweating (no pun intended) the lack of a sell out for their new festival's first year, and that "hopefully it will build over the years".

NY Times: That sounds like a very Californian attitude toward marketing a festival.

Paul: What I mean is that people need to experience the show. We have some things that we’re bringing in that are really going to turn heads, like the technology.

We have this thing called the Lab. It’s a very large dome inside where technology exhibits are going to be. There’s a lady named Emilie Baltz who has the Cotton Candy Theremin. It projects onto the dome, and it’s interacting with sound and visuals. People are going to see that and think, “I want to see that each year.”

Heading to the fest?

Check out six non-headliners we're looking forward to, and view the whole schedule HERE (note that White Lung was moved from Friday to Sunday at some point).

Don't miss the James Murphy and Soulwax custom-built 50,000 watt (air conditioned!) dance emporium, Despacio.

Eater curated the food, vegan options included.

Here's the MAP, and here's how to GET THERE.

* Hula Hoops are allowed
* No selfie sticks
* No weapons or walkie talkies
* Do not bring a pet.

And you should be all set!

Who are you looking forward to seeing?

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