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If you like Grizzly Bear and Beach House, you'll probably like the perfectly pleasant Papercuts (Jason) too. If you don't like Grizzly Bear and Beach House, YOU STILL might like Papercuts. Check out the above MP3. Do you hear James Bond? It's song #2 on Can't Go Back, the album that comes out on Feb. 5th. I have a copy, and I think it's good. He sounds A LOT like the Delays at times (see song #7). Sometimes the Beatles - actually he switches it up a lot song to song, but it all fits together nicely.

Devendra Banhart and Vetiver Andy like Papercuts too. They signed him to their Gnomonsong label.

Papercuts is Jason Quever's cathedral of sound, a place for the desperate worship of all things analog and devotion to the musicianship of the old world. His new album for Gnomonsong, Can't Go Back, is a marriage of timeless songs, richly textured studio sounds, classic rock/pop hookery, and focused narratives -- all delivered with Quever's warm voice and wonderfully layered melodies.
The first formal Papercuts release, Mockingbird (2004), received a warm critical reception, earning four stars in Great Britain's Uncut. The song "Pan American Blues" was a top-five download of the week on and the album rode the CMJ Top 200 for months.

Grizzly Bear like him too. They asked him to tour with them. In NYC, Papercuts play before Beach House who play before Grizzly Bear. Those two nights at Bowery should be a couple of long, mellow, and wonderful shows.

Check here for more info on Devendra's label and Papercuts' labelmate Rio En Mende

Papercuts CD tracklist below...

01 Dear Employee
02 John Brown
03 Summer Long
04 Unavailable
05 Take the 227th Exit
06 Outside Looking In
07 Sandy
08 Just Another Thing to Dust
09 Found Bird
10 The World I Love

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