Paramore have long-discussed their love of Failure, and they covered "Stuck On You" back in 2006's The Summer Tic EP (which we included in a list of great punk covers last year), and now Hayley Williams has resumed her "self-serenade" acoustic covers series a solo cover of another Fantastic Planet classic, "The Nurse Who Loved Me."

"the sun is out, the laundry is drying so... one of my favorite songs of all time on one of my favorite albums of ever," Hayley writes. "go listen to the real thing— @failurebandig 'The Nurse Who Loved Me.' left my cringey ending in there bc thats showbiz baby."

Like Paramore's "Stuck On You" cover did 15 years ago (and still does), this one sounds great. As it's already largely an acoustic ballad, it's the perfect song for this kind of stripped-back solo cover. Check it out below.

Hayley also recently released an entire new album in the spirit of the solo acoustic "self-serenades" she'd been doing throughout the pandemic, FLOWERS for VASES / descansos.

And here's the original:


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