Shortly before mysterious South Korean shoegaze musician Parannoul released their great new album After the Magic, they played their first-ever full concert at KT&G Sangsang Madang Hongdae Live Hall in Seoul on January 14. According to, the first five songs were performed solo, while the remainder of the set had a live band, and Parannoul has now surprise-released a live album of the full-band portion, including a 46-minute version of their 9-minute 2022 single "Into the Endless Night."

The band's lineup for the show had Parannoul on vocals and keyboard, Asian Glow (who Parannoul has two splits with) on bass, Yo on guitar, BrokenTeeth on guitar, 9SuK on drums, and Fin Fior on trumpet for "Into the Endless Night." Titled After the Night, it was released as both an album and film, and you can check it out below.

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