Parquet Courts' breakthrough Light Up Gold has been on Bandcamp since its 2012 release but that's been it for the NYC band's growing catalog that has been available on the digital music service. That changes Friday, June 5 as the entire Parquet Courts discography hits their new Bandcamp page for the first time.

Friday is another of Bandcamp's COVID-19 artist appreciation days where they're waiving their cut of sales. Rough Trade have also announced that with the release of Parquet Courts' discography, they'll also be making a donation to Black Lives Matter.

Parquet Courts are up to six records, the most recent being 2018's Wide Awake! -- and it's seven if you count Milano, the collaboration with composer Daniele Luppi that also featured Karen O.

Stream their albums below...

Many artists and labels are donating to anti-police-brutatlity causes through Bandcamp on Friday; meanwhile Bandcamp will donate its cut of sales to the NAACP on Juneteenth (6/19).

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