Parquet Courts' new album Human Performance is out today and if you haven't checked it out yet you can listen via Spotify below. It's easily the most immediate LP the band have made yet, with a lyrical vulnerability not before seen, while still retaining some of that wry attitude that made folks like them in the first place. Musically, the album is just about all hits, certainly the most since Light Up Gold.

The whole band took part in a Reddit AMA earlier today, answering a variety of fan questions and addressing the not-that-accurate-anymore (if ever) Pavement comparisons which continue to dog them. Andrew Savage:

Yeah its weird. Honestly nobody in PC is a superfan of that band. I think maybe theres a lot of common influences... Roxy, Wire, Fall, etc... I think we are way more a punk band than them. Nothing against them, they are better musicians.

Elsewhere, Andrew says he makes the best migas in the band, his brother Max talks about juggling college and constant touring, Austin Brown explains his distaste for Descartes and, prompted by a question from Jack of Ultimate Painting, Sean Yeatons expresses his love for detachable shower-heads.

The band will celebrate Human Performance tonight at Brooklyn's Bell House, which is opened by Rips, whose new album Austin Brown is helping to record. It's sold out, but their newspaper box in Bushwick was refilled today with "signed goodies + gig tickets." It may be all gone now, but could be worth looking if you're nearby. Parquet Courts will be back in NYC when their tour with B Boys hits Webster Hall on May 20 and tickets are still available.


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