Parquet Courts new “Captive of the Sun” 12″ is out today (2/17) which includes a new version of the song featuring UGK rapper Bun B. (They first did it live on Colbert.) They’ve just shared a lyric video for that track, and you can watch that and listen to the “Chopped Not Slopped” remix by DJ Candlestick and OG Ron C from the b-side, below.

Austin Brown, who wrote “Captive of the Sun” and whose love of Houston rap was the driving force behind the Bun B collaboration, put together a Spotify playlist of his favorite Houston Rap (DJ Screw, Swishahouse, Pimp C and more) under the name Young Doc Gooden. You can listen to his “Nice and Slow” playlist below as well.

Parquet Courts will next play NYC at Day 3 of Governors Ball with Tool, Air, Avalanches, Mac DeMarco, and more.