Parquet Courts have shared "Hey Bug," an unreleased song from the Sunbathing Animal sessions. “If I remember correctly, it would have been recorded at Seaside Lounge in Brooklyn, during the fall of 2013," says the band's A. Savage. "We were working there with our pal Jonathan Schenke, who had recorded Light Up Gold, but this time in a studio rather than a practice space. We’d have been recording material for 'Tally All the Things That You Broke' and 'Sunbathing Animal.' Editing the sequence for a record is often a tough process, and when it’s over it’s typically such a relief that I’ll purge it from my memory entirely. And now I’m listening to ‘Hey Bug’ these seven years later and thinking what a cool song it is. That period was a frenzy of writing and I know it’s not the only unreleased song from that session. So here you are, our lone musical contribution in the year 2020: ‘Hey Bug’ (recorded 2013)." The song definitely feels like the early, wound-up years of Parquet Courts and you can stream it via Bandcamp (the only place it will be available) below.

"Hey Bug" has been released to coincide with Parquet Courts announcement of their 10th anniversary livestream which happens December 10 and was shot at Brooklyn's Pioneer Works. (The band's first show was December 17, 2010 at Monster Island.) Tickets are on sale, and there are also t-shirt bundles with five different designs made available only to ticket buyers. You can watch a trailer for the livestream below.

parquet courts on time flyer