David Loca is back with a new Part Time album, titled Spell #6, which will be out October 2 via Burger / Tough Love. While Loca is a prolific artist who has a stockpile of songs, he says these are all fairly new creations, written in the last year with a purposefully bigger and cleaner sound in hopes to reach new listeners. (For that, this noted "bedroom pop" artist made this one in an actual studio.) He's still sticking with a mostly '80s palette, and his hit ratio remains high. The record contains "Shattered Love," which Part Time released back in April, and "I Can Treat You Better," which is a collaboration with Ariel Pink. We've got the premiere of "So Far Away," which Loca says is one of his new favorites. Mine too. "I wanted to take this to a very dreamy, lost dark misty forest direction," he says, and there's definitely a lush vibe here, with sultry sax, and sampled rainforest sounds (are those frogs?). Listen to that, and two other songs off the LP, below.



Part Time - Spell #6 tracklist:
1. Before You Fall Apart
2. Hide
3. I Can Treat You Better (feat. Ariel Pink)
4. Shattered Love
5. So Far Away
6. Spell #6
7. The Boys That Make Her Cry
8. I Didn't Know
9. It's Alright With Me
10. Silent Franchine (MRF)
11. Higher Fantasy (bonus track)
12. The Ballad of Jean (bonus track)

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