Minneapolis' Partial Traces are releasing a new album, Wild Surf / Quiet Blues, on July 30 via Salinas Records (pre-order). They recently shared lead single "Cold Clouds," and we're now premiering second single "Challenger Deep." It's a slow-burning, synth-fueled indie rock song, and here's what drummer/lyricist Brad Lokkesmoe tells us about it:

The song "Challenger Deep" encompasses the main themes of the record, serving as a lyrical anchor point to the rest. It’s about getting completely lost in something, whether it’s love or a creative obsession, discovering you’re not in control and embracing the chaos. There are those big moments in life when you realize the unsteady ground actually feels the best. I live in landlocked Minneapolis, so I don’t know first hand, but I always thought that must be the draw of surfing or sailing, of the open water: you can’t change what the ocean offers up but you can choose to either make peace with it or let it destroy you. This song is about taking that leap without knowing the outcome

Listen to both singles below...

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