Drug Church's anticipated new album Hygiene arrives 3/11 via Pure Noise, and they've just shared the third single, "World Impact." It's exactly the kind of gritty, melodic punk rager that you want from this band, and it's keeping us excited for the new LP. Listen below and pre-order the album on limited-to-300 red/black splatter vinyl.

Drug Church frontman Patrick Kindlon (who also fronts Self Defense Family and co-hosts the Axe to Grind podcast, among many other things) also just did a lengthy interview with David Anthony for Stereogum, and they talked a lot about the new album, but as is usually the case with the outspoken Patrick Kindlon, they talked about a lot of other stuff too. One thing they touched on is the potential impact that Turnstile's success could have on hardcore in general:

David Anthony: We’re having this conversation while a band like Turnstile is playing on national television. How do you view that? Is it a rising tide lifts all boats kind of things, or are they Nirvana and we’re just going to get a whole lot of Sponges?

Patrick Kindlon: I mean Turnstile is to credit with so many good things, but I’m sure five years from now we’ll be blaming them for a lot of bad things too. That’s the way that works. They’re opening a door that, if it stays open too long, we’re going to get a lot of trash in there. They’re an exceptional band in a lot of respects, and their attitude toward success is as commendable as it comes. It’s hard for me to blame them for anything, but I’m sure I will in the future. [Laughs]

People are going to ride this wave the same way bands have ridden every other wave. This is no disrespect to friends, but on this tour we’ve run into fellas who were high on the hog two years ago and hit a brick wall because tastes change. But that’s inevitable. I have friends who survived the whole metalcore success. They were making like $100,000 playing in a fucking guitar act at 19 and now they’re grown men with mortgages and are having a hard time clearing $50,000. You gotta weather these things in whatever capacity if you’re a career musician. Or, if you’re not a career musician, you gotta get while the gettin’s good.

There’s gonna be waves that are more palatable to you and I and there’s gonna be waves that are torture. It was only 10 years ago that people thought that dubstep was going to be the dominant style of music moving forward. These are just trends.

Read the rest of the very good interview here.

Drug Church are also gearing up for a tour with the awesome lineup of One Step Closer, Soul Blind, and LURK, including a show at Brooklyn's Market Hotel on March 26 (tickets). All dates are listed below.

One Step Closer are fresh off releasing one of our favorite albums of 2021 with This Place You Know, out now on Run For Cover. Read our recent interview with them for more, and also check out our much more recent interview with related band Anxious.

Get Drug Church's new album on limited red/black splatter vinyl here.

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