The Walkmen's Paul Maroon and concert pianist and Philip Glass collaborator Jenny Lin will release a new album, 13 Short Piano Pieces, that's out November 11. "I realize in the year 2022 someone playing the piano may not be, I dunno, cutting-edge entertainment," Paul says, "but Jenny’s playing has an enormous effect on me. And I believe that instrumental music has something to say about what we are living through that cannot be put into words." Paul also notes that the album is dedicated to his mother "who fought and fought and…fought…to make sure I didn’t quit the piano."

You can listen to "El Raval," named for a neighborhood in Barcelona, that spirals and climbs gorgeously across a mere 93 seconds. “El Raval is maybe the filthiest place I’ve ever lived," Paul says. "And I’ve lived in Philadelphia. It’s been a rough part of Barcelona for 800 years, the original leper colony right outside the medieval city walls. This piece is my reflection of it. It’s also a ton of fun and a place I miss.”

Check that out below.

paul maroon jenny lin - 13 short piano pieces

13 Short Piano Pieces:
01. Mile End
02. El Raval
03. Charles Village
04. Rose Park
05. Riverside Drive
06. Alfama
07. Triana
08. The Plateau
09. Delancey Park
10. Audubon Park
11. Morningside Heights
12. West Philadelphia
13. The Irish Channel

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