Paul Simon had to cancel his October appearance on Live From Here with Chris Thile at Town Hall due to illness, but as promised, he made it up on Saturday night (11/23), performing four songs: "Questions for the Angels" (solo acoustic), "St Judy's Comet," "American Tune," and "Kodachrome." The episode also featured appearances from Vagabon (performing four songs from her new self-titled album), Anaïs Mitchell (who played "Morning Glory," joined Chris Thile on "Leatherwing Bat," covered Gillian Welch's "Red Clay Halo," and joined Paul onstage, along with Thile and the house band), Holly Laurent, Ryan Hamilton, and Ron Funches. See the whole playlist below.

You can watch the whole episode below until 11 PM ET on Sunday, 11/24, and listen on Live From Here's site.

Playlist: Live From Here with Chris Thile, November 23, 2019
00:01:46 Warmup Begins
00:06:40 Heart In A Cage (The Strokes) - Chris Thile
00:12:24 Red Clay Halo (Gillian Welch) - Anaïs Mitchell

00:16:10 Broadcast begins
00:23:00 SOTW: "Just Doing Your Job"
00:26:57 Every Woman - Vagabon
00:30:28 Secret Medicine - Vagabon
00:33:35 Ron Funches
00:42:50 Morning Glory - Anaïs Mitchell
00:46:09 Daddy, He Got a Cessna (The Fearless Flyers) - LFH Band

00:50:02 Tragedy Plus Time - Holly Laurent
00:57:40 Leatherwing Bat - Anaïs Mitchell and Chris Thile
01:02:00 Questions for the Angels - Paul Simon
01:07:27 Paul Simon and Chris Thile talk
01:09:28 St. Judy's Comet - Paul Simon
01:12:57 Intermission - Cantina Band

01:16:50 Compose-a-Text
01:19:25 Musician Birthdays: Scott Joplin, Amy Grant, Randy Newman
01:31:03 In A Bind - Vagabon
01:37:05 Flood - Vagabon
01:41:33 To A Friend Whose Work Has Come to Triumph (Anne Sexton) - Holly Laurent
01:42:40 Icarus Smicarus (Mclusky) - LFH Band

01:47:15 Ryan Hamilton
01:57:26 Elzic's Farewell
02:00:24 American Tune - Paul Simon
02:05:34 Kodachrome - Paul Simon
02:10:37 Steam-Powered Aereo Plane - John Hartford
02:15:55 Goodnight, the Lord's Coming

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