Pavement are having a very active 2022, with a bevy of anniversaries, reissues and a reunion tour, but that hasn't stopped cofounder Scott Kannberg from announcing a new Spiral Stairs album, Medley Attack!!!, which will be out July 8 via his own Amazing Grease label.

The album, his sixth, was made during a tumultuous time that included a couple relocations, the death of his longtime friend and bassist Matt Harris (also of Oranger and The Posies), and, of course, a global pandemic. “It’s definitely been the weirdest and the hardest record to make, but I think I like it the best, really. I think they’re my best lyrics - they’re pretty dark, but they’re pretty honest and they tell stories a little more than in the past. And originally it was really going to be a stripped-down swan song record - I really didn’t want to get a bunch of people involved - but I ended up getting so many of my closest friends and people I admire to help and I couldn’t be prouder of the results. It’s kind of made me want to make more records!”

In addition to his regular band, Medley Attack!!! features appearances by Kelley Stoltz and No Age's Randy Randall. You can watch the animated lyric video for the warm, appealing, horn-inflected first single "Pressure Drop [End of the Hurricane]" and check out the album art and tracklist below.

You can catch Pavement on their reunion tour starting next week, and pick up Pavement vinyl -- including the Terror Twilight deluxe edition and the just announced Westing (By Musket and Sextant) reissue -- in the BV shop.


Medley Attack!!!
1. Too Late 04:09
2. Mole 03:21
3. Baron Please -> Medley Attack!!! [blitzkreig] 06:51
4. Petrified 03:20
5. Pressure Drop [End of the Hurricane] 03:44
6. Hey '70 04:12
7. Dry Country 04:07
8. Time = Cuz 04:46
9. Slipped Away 02:53

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