As mentioned, the three members of Tigers Jaw's classic lineup who left that band after Charmer was recorded -- Adam McIlwee (Wicca Phase Springs Eternal), Dennis Mishko (Three Man Cannon), and Pat Brier (Three Man Cannon) -- are now playing together again in a new band called Pay For Pain, whose self-titled debut EP comes out June 5 via Dark Medicine (pre-order). We recently posted the great lead single "Fallen Angel," and we're now premiering second single "Gatekeeper."

Compared to the rollicking, Americana-tinged indie rock of "Fallen Angel," "Gatekeeper" is a little heavier, but it's mostly cut from the same raw, guitar-driven cloth, and it's another promising taste of this EP. Listen:

We also asked the members of Pay For Pain about the music that influenced this EP, and they made a list that includes Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Little Wings, The Smiths, Gillian Welch, Wipers, R.E.M., Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros, and Sun Organ.

"Most of the music we were listening to during the writing/recording process is guitar-based music - with the exception of the Bad Seeds song - with fairly straightforward production that just sounds like the artists recording themselves playing live in a room together (which is exactly what we did when we recorded our EP)," Adam says. "Dennis chose songs based on lyrical equivocations or ambiguity, where the instrumentation guides the listener's interpretation of each song ('I Started Something...,' 'Sitting Still,' 'Rings of Saturn'). Pat's contributions to this list ('Dread,' 'You're Doomed,' 'Mystery') are super raw, powerful, and direct. My (Adam's) choices ('Coma Girl,' By Now,' 'I Want to Sing That Rock And Roll') are somewhere in the middle, with simple production, some lyrical ambiguity, and some songs that are fairly surface-level and don't require a ton of interpretation. I don't know how much sense this list will make to listeners, but now that I see what everyone else in the band was listening to, I feel like Pay for Pain makes a lot more sense to me now.”

Listen to their picks:

Sun Organ - “Dread”

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - "Rings of Saturn”

Little Wings - "By Now”

The Smiths - "I Started Something I Couldn't Finish”

Sun Organ - "You're Doomed”

Gillian Welch - "I Want To Sing That Rock And Roll”

Wipers - “Mystery”

R.E.M. - "Sitting Still”

Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros - "Coma Girl”

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