Pearl Jam will celebrate the 30th anniversary of their first-ever live show on October 22 by streaming their April 29, 2016 Philadelphia show, which featured a full-album performance of their debut album, Ten. The three-hour show will stream starting at 10/22 at 8 PM ET on, and be available on demand until 10/26 at 2:59 AM ET. Tickets are on sale now, and we have some to give away! Enter for a chance to win below.

Eddie Vedder told The New York Times that the location of the show, in the swing state of Pennsylvania, was not chosen by accident, and that the band hopes their fans there and in other swing states could help dispel all the misinformation that's out there now. “We will sound the alarm, with their well-being in mind, to put it out there that there’s some bad information being spread out there. And it’s turning into chaos and deadly violence and dividing us," Eddie told the Times.

The concert stream ties in with Pearl Jam's vote-by-mail initiative PJ Votes, that asks fans to pledge to a) vote by mail, b) recruit three friends to do the same, and c) "don't wait." "What we’ve attempted to do is really just bring it back down to basics and encourage people to, again, think about what’s important to them,” Vedder told the Times. “And be active and be patient and realize that this election is going to be different than any other.”

The Times also notes that Pearl Jam registered as a political advertiser on Facebook, where, according to the Times, they've spent $18,000 in the last week alone.

Meanwhile, Pearl Jam's contribution to charity compilation Good Music To Avert The Collapse Of American Democracy, Volume 2 -- which came out for Bandcamp Friday this month and was available for one day only -- has now hit streaming services. Drummer and former Soundgarden member Matt Cameron wrote "Get it Back" and you can listen to that below.

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