Pelican recently returned with their first album in six years, Nighttime Stories (out now on Southern Lord), and their tour supporting it hit NYC's Brooklyn Bazaar last night (6/24). Instrumental math metal may be a very niche genre, but Pelican have developed a diehard fanbase over the years and it was clear that the room was full of devoted fans who connect with the band's music on a deep level. Pelican have always pushed the boundaries of what is possible with just a guitar/bass/drums setup, and that was on full display on Monday night, as Pelican shook the room with their signature, bone-rattling sound.

Direct support came from sludgegazers Cloakroom, whose music pairs very well with Pelican's, and the night was opened by gloomy one-man-band Planning For Burial, who performed a single, unbroken, "stream of consciousness" piece built around guitar loops and echoey feedback. It was a great night all around, and pictures are in the gallery above.


photos by Kate Hoos

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