Christopher Adams, formerly of now-defunct emo band Calculator, released his debut album as Pendant, Through a Coil, in 2019 via Tiny Engines. He's now signed to Saddle Creek for his sophomore album, which is due out early in 2022. More details about that are still to come, but in the mean time, he's shared a new single, "Blood Rite," a dark, dancey, and propulsive track that you can stream below.

"I wrote 'Blood Rite' as an attempt to reckon with my past, unveiling traumas from my childhood and connecting them to the person I see myself as today," Adams says. "I wanted to track the ways in which I’m bound to my past for better and for worse - the memories that haunt me make me who I am just as much as the sentimental ones. It all runs through my blood concurrently and guides me through my life."

Adams also shared a video of his recent performance at Bachelor's virtual Doomin' Sun Fest, which you can watch below as well.

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