For over three decades, Jim Lindberg has fronted the California punk band Pennywise, and last year he released his debut solo album Songs from the Elkhorn Trail on Epitaph. It's a punk-goes-folk album in the vein of stuff like Chuck Ragan and Tim Barry, and it's also got some of Jim's most personal, emotionally bare songwriting yet. One example is "Good Enough," a song about the dark underbelly of punk culture that tells the story of a punk couple who deals with homelessness, run-ins with cops, and ultimately, a fatal overdose. That song now has an animated, lyrics-on-screen video created by Madtwins that plays off the song's themes with a tragic love story between two mohawk-donning punks.

"I have been seeing the Madtwins art working with Emily Nielsen and Punk Rock and Paint Brushes and just really loved their work," Jim says. " When I saw their print of the punk rock couple I knew it would be the perfect imagery for my song 'Good Enough.' The song is about a doomed Sid & Nancy style punk rock romance and they nailed it perfectly. I’m honored they chose to work with me."

The video is genuinely powerful stuff, and it premieres in this post. Check it out below and pick up the album here.

Pennywise are doing a run where they play their first five albums in full in Orange County with amazing openers each night, beginning this Friday (3/4). After that, Jim plays a solo set opening the final night of the Dropkick Murphys' St. Patrick's Day Boston run, and Pennywise also have upcoming festivals and other dates.


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