“It’s like a disaster. No one is playing,” Tiffany Miller, 22, said on her way out around 8 p.m. during the first day. Her rain jacket was soaked through. “I just really want a burrito and to leave.”

Not far behind her was Clare O’Brien, 27. “There were a lot of artists I was looking forward to hearing, and I don’t think they’re here,” she said.

Indeed, festival officials confirmed London producer Duke Dumont and Australian electronic dance duo Flight Facilities were not going to make it Saturday because of the inclement weather. “Sorry SF. Tonight several artists were unable to play, including myself, due to unsafe conditions on the stage,” Dumont told fans via Twitter. - [SF Gate]

A giant storm rolled through San Francisco over the weekend, bringing much needed rain but also high winds and torrential downpours that wreaked havoc with flights, and put a damper on the Treasure Island Music Festival which was celebrating its 10th anniversary and final year on its namesake island. Thea heavy wind and rain canceled a few performances (among them, Duke Dumont and Flight Facilities on Saturday, James Blake on Sunday), delayed/shortened others and shut down some areas of the festival. This was Treasure Island's statement on Sunday morning:


Needless to say, this less-than-ideal weekend had some artists griping and some fans asking for refunds. Via SFGate:

Many fans took to social media to demand refunds for their tickets, which ranged from $105 to $335. But with 11 out of 13 acts, including headliner Ice Cube, performing Saturday and no signs of canceled sets for Sunday, Allen Scott, executive vice president of Another Planet Entertainment that co-produces Treasure Island Music Festival with Noise Pop, said no refunds will be made to ticketholders.

Some artists, like Kamaiyah, put a positive spin on things:

Others, like Duke Dumont, were less happy.

While no refunds are being offered, Treasure Island is presenting a makeup James Blake show for all fest attendees tonight (10/17) at the FOX Oakdale Theatre.

A few more tweets, some positive, some really irate, below.

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