Crack Magazine has been posting quarantine-era conversations between artists on their Instagram -- previously we saw Phoebe Bridgers and Hayley Williams chat -- and now they've shared a talk between Mike Hadreas (aka Perfume Genius), and Natalie Mering (aka Weyes Blood), which you can watch below. They virtually introduce their dogs, Mike's Wanda and Natalie's Luigi, to each other, talk about exercising while in coronavirus quarantine (Mike got a Peleton), and, of course, touch on Perfume Genius' great new album, Set My Heart on Fire Immediately.

Most interestingly, perhaps, they have a brief conversation about what the term "indie rock" means in 2020. Speaking about Set My Heart on Fire Immediately, Natalie said, "If anybody calls it indie rock I'm gonna slap them in the fucking face."

"Art pop," Mike suggested, but then admitted, "I don't like art pop either."

"Anything but indie rock," Natalie replied. "Did you ever get labeled indie rock?"

"Yeah, I dunno," Mike said, "I think Pitchfork had me, like, as R&B for a little bit, I like that a lot better. What genre would you want to be, like what would you wear the sash for?"

"I wanna be a singer-songwriter," Natalie replied. "I don't wanna be indie rock!"

"I think i wanna be that too," Mike said.

"I feel like indie rock is something that happened a long time ago," Natalie said. "Whatever we're doing now is not that, the landscape's blown out. There's so much music, there's so many weird, y'know, Beyonce covering Father John Misty. There's so much stuff going on, there's no such thing as indie vs mainstream, it's all kind of mixed together now. If we could just drop that label and be singer-songwriters, artists, producers, I think that that would be more beneficial for everybody."

Meanwhile, Perfume Genius launched a contest to create a video for "Without You." He's asking people to send in video ideas (which, when shot, respect social distancing guidelines), and three winners will be chosen to direct. Find more details, and submit a treatment and budget, here.

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