The permits have been pulled for upcoming hardcore shows scheduled at Tompkins Square Park, including the A7 "Back To the NYHC Roots" New York Hardcore compilation record release show on Saturday, 5/8 with Antidote, Kings Never Die, The Last Stand, Crazy Eddie, The Car Bomb Parade, and Reaching Out, after thousands attended the show Madball, Murphy's Law, Bloodclot, etc show there on Saturday (4/24), Gothamist reports. Following public backlash, the parks department reportedly began investigating the show. The investigation allegedly discovered that the permit for Saturday's show had initially been issued for a "September 11 Memorial," which organizers Black N' Blue Productions deny but Gothamist confirms, after PIX11 originally reported it. A spokesperson also reportedly told Gothamist that the event was "misrepresented to the Parks Department as a political rally, not a concert."

Parks Department spokesperson Crystal Howard told Gothamist, "We are moving to revoke all permits for this organizer and related future events," which included seven events altogether.

Read the full report at Gothamist.

Previously, John Joseph of Bloodclot (and Cro-Mags) defended the show against critics. After facing backlash for comparing the show to last summer's protests, he posted a rebuttal.

You can see photos and videos of Saturday's show here.

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