Cult comic The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, about the adventures of a trio of pot-loving brothers, is being turned into an animated series with a slightly shortened title of The Freak Brothers. After a three mini episodes were released on YouTube last year, Deadline, reports that it's getting a full season order.

Created by Gilbert Shelton, The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers debuted in 1968 in underground Austin newspaper The Rag and was published through the mid-'90s. The new series has the brothers transported into modern day San Francisco after smoking some magic weed, and they find their countercultural haven overrun by tech bros, real estate developers, and Instagram influencers.

Woody Harrelson is voicing Freewheelin’ Franklin Freek, John Goodman plays Fat Freddy Freekowtski, and Pete Davidson will voice Phineas T. Phreakers. Also in the cast: Tiffany Haddish as Kitty, Workaholics members Adam Devine and Blake Anderson, who play Chuck and Charlie, and rapper Schoolboy Q who plays an animated version of himself. Andrea Savage (I'm Sorry) and La La Anthony (Power) are also in the voice cast.

The series' showrunners are Alan Cohen and Alan Freedland, who both worked on King of the Hill and American Dad, and the animation is being handled by Starburns Industries and Pure Imagination Studios, who produce Rick & Morty.

“This show is really funny, it’s pure entertainment," Harrelson said in a statement. "If you’re a stoner it’s probably a little funnier, but either way it’s a great ride.” Pete Davidson added, “When you can do a cartoon about weed, you do it. Then you wake up the next day and call your team and make sure you weren’t high and this is a real thing.”

Deadline notes that The Freak Brothers does not have a network or streaming service attached yet, but you can watch the three 2020 mini episodes below..

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